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All but one Leave Cornwall for greener pastures

Sometime between 1841 and 1852 John’s father suffered from Typhus fever, the family did not think he would survive, the long illness was “very prejudicial to his temporal interests” (The Wesleyan chronicle, 1867 page 8)   so when he migrated to Australia he was in search of new opportunities.   However he did not leave until a year after his father had passed away.  Philip Upton Ebbott died after 17 weeks of illness (Death Certificate Philip Upton Ebbott, 12 May 1851, Reference June Quarter, Launceston District, County Cornwall Devon; Vol 9, Page 111, General Register Office, England), curiously the death wasn't certified in-spite of the length of the illness.
The length of  his grandfather's illness may explain why his Uncle Philip was living next door to his grandparents in the 1851 census, perhaps it was to help his mother manage the farm during this difficult time.   Normally these duties would fall to the eldest son however if John’s father was ill he would have been unable to assist, leaving the responsibility to the next brother to be the head of the extended family.  

By 1861 Uncle Philip has  moved back to own property in Tregune, Warbstow, , Cornwall
  1. Philip Ebbott,Head, aged 51Farmer Of 150 Acres,Tresmeer Cornwall,,Bible Christian Local Preacher
  2. Grace Ebbott,Wife, aged 49, Farmer's Wife
  3. Philip M Ebbott,Son, aged 13, Farmers Son
  4. Grace Ebbott,Dau, aged 10, Farmers Daur
  5. John Ebbott, Son, aged 4
  6. Agnes Uglow,Serv, aged 18, General Servant

The 1851 census is also the last time we see the John’s grandmother in Cornwall,as she migrated to the US soon to join her eldest daughter Mary Ulgow.  It is thought that John’s grandmother travelled with his uncle William who was still living at home when the 1851 census was taken.  According to William’s  Naturalization Index card  Record he arrived in the US he arrived in Oct 1854 coming into the Port of Detroit, Michigan, it is very possible he was travelling with his mother. (National Archives and Records Administration (NARA); Washington, D.C.;  Soundex Index to Naturalization Petitions for the United States District and Circuit Courts, Northern District of Illinois and Immigration and Naturalization Service District 9, 1840-1950 (M1285); Microfilm Serial:  M1285; Microfilm Roll:  48.)

It would appear that Aunt Margery has also left Cornwall by 1861 for greener pastures although she cannot be placed until 1880 when she is living with a James Bluett and Greogory Ebbott is living with another Bluett family next door. (Year: 1870; Census Place:  Ottawa,  Waukesha,  Wisconsin; Roll:  M593_1743; Page:  391A; Image:  499; Family History Library Film:  553242)

Much later Uncle Philip would also migrate to New York on the "SS City of Boston" on the 6 May 1868 ,  then onto Palmyra, Wisconsin, USA Shipping Record from the Steamer" City of Boston" (National Archives and Records Administration, Film M237, Reel 294, List 392. Transcribed by Phil Buckley a member of the Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild  5 January 2005 access at on 9 Sep 2005).
Travelling on board together were:-
1. Phillip Ebbott, aged  57, Farmer    
2. Grace Ebbott, aged 55, Wife        
3. Philip H Ebbott, aged 21, Farmer      
4. Grace Ebbott, aged 18,  Spinster    
5. John Ebbott, aged 12, Child

The only descendant  with the surname of Ebbott left in Cornwall is Caroline Ebbott, daughter of the divorced couple Gregory Ebbott & Catherine Mathew, she is  working as a servant and living with James and Sally Daw's family. (Cornwall Online Census Project-1851 (Transcript of Piece HO107/1899 (Tresmeer & Tremaine); Enumeration District 3&5; Civil Parish of Tresmeer accessed on Friday 22 July 2005). Caroline goes on to marry Ephraim Gimblett in 1875.

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